A vast range of 'Critical Data' may be managed by Integrator's HR and H&S Modules...

Furthermore, each individual Record in any of the above databases may have Notes, Documents, Photo's and Reminders associated with them.



As well as managing the above information, Integrator 'correlates' the data between the Modules.


In addition to forming links between databases (for example Employees to Accidents and Company Cars, etc.), it also allows the User to step from one database to another whilst troubleshooting.



The Browser Screen offers unrivalled computing power.


Without any further input, it presents your data in a format that enables you to...


Integrator represents incredible value in terms of diversity, functionality and reporting capability.


(And consequently, Return on Investment!)


Implementation & Training:

'Integrator' has been developed to be as simple, or as complex, as you choose.


Users will quickly gain an understanding of its many features and make rapid progress, using the comprehensive Help & Tuition which is built in throughout the programme.