All of Integrator’s modules work in the same manner, using just two screen formats...

The first of these formats may be seen in the Detail Screens – these are the Data Entry forms which capture your data in a simple to use format.

The first three or four of these Detail Screens (or 'tabs') are specific to the Module in question. For example, they may be specific to Employees.


These initial screens are designed to capture the Data relevant to that Module - in the example of Employees they capture Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Employment Start date, and so on.


The remaining Detail Screens (such as Notes, Documents, Reminders, Photographs, etc.) are common across all of Integrator's Modules.


They are the mechanism for associating additional information with each record (for example, a Photograph with an Employee) - meaning that your Data is always accessible whenever you require it.

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The second format used by Integrator may be seen in the Browser Screens. These screens display the Data from the Detail Screens in a summary format, where each row represents a record (an Employee, an Accident, etc.) - very much like a spreadsheet.


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This is where the true benefits from Integrator become apparent - from the unique overview of your data, which gives you and your staff the insight to manage your business.

With Browser Screens, you have the control
to customise the view...

Once you have set up the Browser according to your particular requirements, the configuration may then be stored in the ‘Saved Screen’ function for future recall.


The Browser Screens also offer functionality, such as...

The true power of the Browser lies in its ability to present the Data – a powerful overview combined with an ability to drill straight down to points of interest.


Think of it like a a bird of prey flying over a vast area when hunting, it has the ability to spot the unusual (movement) and go straight in for the kill.

The following Guides explain Integrator's functionality in more detail...


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